There was probably no greater pitcher in the 1970s than Al Hrabosky “The Mad Hungarian.” The fire, the passion, the theatrics.


2 thoughts on “The Mad Hungarian

  1. Much looking forward to more baseball memorabilia as you choose to post it. Although I’m a serious baseball fan like you, life has, alas, kept me far too occupied with much more pressing matters over the last few years to be able to devote very much attention to it (the fact that I’ve attended only ONE professional baseball game in the last five years is something that the younger me would have looked upon in horror and disbelief). That, plus the fact that the home team’s front office seems to have been kidnapped by malevolent space aliens who replaced them with clones of demonic incompetence, which has been reflected by field performance of the team over the last few years, and the motivation to get more deeply involved has sort of been sapped.

    Anyway, thanks for brightening my day. I’d forgotten all about Hrabosky. A true “blast from the past!”

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