The second trait a man should never cultivate is nihilism. Again, not because this trait is inherently wrong, but because it weakens a man’s interactions with others. Truth be told, a man who is seeking knowledge will inevitably entertain a bit of nihilism. Any contemplation of the cosmos will lead to questions, many unanswerable. It’s only natural.

But we’re living in the here and now, down on planet earth. And we don’t have the final answer to what this means. So we’ll have to accept a level of ignorance. We’ll have to rely on the soft pillow of faith. Most people want the best that life has to offer (a beautiful body, spouse, great friends, etc.), so the goal should be achieving that.  Unfortunately, nihilism works against this.

Nihilism weakens a man’s passion for life. It undermines the wind in his sails, and it leads him into destructive behaviors. Also, it weakens his ability to lead other men. And leadership is one of the trademarks of great men. Most of the great men throughout history were those that improved the lives of others. They become our heroes because they helped us all in some way. In order to become this type of hero, a person should have a passion for life. Nihilism can mitigate against a passionate life.

Nihilism is also a problem for men when they interact with women. Women want a “man with a plan,” a man who burns with a desire to do great things. A leader who changes the world. When a woman hears too many existential questions from a man, she wonders (on a subconscious level) if he will be able to effectively lead a family. How can he lead her to a prosperous future if he is uncertain about the present? So over time, a woman will lose her passion for the nihilistic man.

So men, be aware of your nihilistic streak. It has a place in life, no doubt. But be careful about where, when, and how much you entertain it. It’s a problematic path that can potentially undermine your happiness.

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