A good restaurant is a combination of three things: good food, great atmosphere, and reasonable prices.

Vizcaya in Santa Domingo meets all these requirements—and it does so well. It’s a Spanish restaurant that harkens back to the DR’s colonial roots. The restaurant is a winner. As a resident of Santo Domingo, I’ve tried nearly all the restaurants in town—Vizcaya takes the cake.

It’s one of the oldest restaurants in the city and it bleeds character.  Rustic on the inside, with the requisite Jamon Ibérico on the counter of the bar, it has all the signature Spanish dishes. Like all great restaurants, everything on the menu is excellent. My favorites are the garlic octopus, the parrillada platter, and the chicken cordon blue. Each meal comes with a complimentary basket of garlic bread. And don’t forget a jar of Sangria to open the festivities—what Spanish meal would be complete without it?

The only downside is that it’s in a dive of a neighborhood. But take a cab there and you will be none the wiser. From the inside, you’ll think you are in Madrird.

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