Bertrand Russell’s excellent book, The Conquest of Happiness, discusses why money can’t buy me love (to quote the Fab Four).

“It never occurs to him that the affection he is trying to buy is of far more value than the material benefits which he offers as its price..”

Very true. Many men try to shower a woman with cash and prizes (dinners, trips, etc.). And they become disillusioned when the woman does not reciprocate with her allegiance. But everybody  prizes their heart above all things. They will give you their time, their money, their votes…but their heart is another story.

If a man wishes to win a woman’s heart, he has to, ironically, focus more on himself—his excellence, his zest for life, his health, his attention to the details of greatness. Only then will an excellent woman open the door to her heart…checking to see if he’s knocking.

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