That was the question of the day. As I traveled through Arizona and New Mexico, I couldn’t believe the people that I saw: pocked faces, no teeth, obese bodies. And those were the attractive ones  *insert rim shot*. But seriously folks…

I was hoping to see this:


But instead I saw this…


Hey, hey! Wait a minute, Major…who are you to judge? What is beauty? And what about cultural difference?  Yada, yada…stop it already, people.

Obesity is the manifestation of defeat. A poor way of thinking. The waving of a white flag.

90% of Indians are not just obese. They’re hobbled and broken.  Something is missing in their eyes. There’s no passion, no desire to slay demons. And what are they thinking about? Really, I don’t know. The answer is not in the national narrative and I don’t know their culture very well.

Their land is beautiful and they’re friendly enough–no complaints there. But something is missing in their culture: a burning desire to win. The presence of an Alpha male or a woman of excellence. The signs of a people who are winning.

A new Weltanschauung is needed.


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