That was the question of the day. As I traveled through Arizona and New Mexico, I couldn’t believe the people that I saw: pocked faces, no teeth, obese bodies. And those were the attractive ones  *insert rim shot*. But seriously folks…

I was hoping to see this:


But instead I saw this…


Hey, hey! Wait a minute, Major…who are you to judge? What is beauty? And what about cultural difference?  Yada, yada…stop it already, people.

Obesity is the manifestation of defeat. A poor way of thinking. The waving of a white flag.

90% of Indians are not just obese. They’re hobbled and broken.  Something is missing in their eyes. There’s no passion, no desire to slay demons. And what are they thinking about? Really, I don’t know. The answer is not in the national narrative and I don’t know their culture very well.

Their land is beautiful and they’re friendly enough–no complaints there. But something is missing in their culture: a burning desire to win. The presence of an Alpha male or a woman of excellence. The signs of a people who are winning.

A new Weltanschauung is needed.


2 thoughts on “Why Do Indians Look So Beaten Up?

    1. Christy,

      It would be nice if the (((media))) could speak honestly about this population (whatever tribe it might be) instead of continuing with their “divide and conquer” narratives. I for one would be interested in learning more.

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