The pewter spittoon is a wonderful relic:

“Spittoons are containers made for spitting into, especially for those chewing tobacco. They were often placed in the home or in public places such as inns and taverns. This pewter spittoon has a removable lid so it can be emptied – a particularly unpleasant job.”

The pewter spittoon was a container to spit your tobacco into. You could find them in British homes, hotels, and bars during the 18th and 19th century.

“Spitting was a socially acceptable habit in the United Kingdom until the late 1880s…”

How many times have you needed a place to spit your chewing tobacco? If you’re like me, the answer is none…but that’s beside the point. Tobacco saliva needs a home, and the pewter spittoon is the perfect domicile. A welcome home. The perfect landing spot for projectile spit.

Having British sailors over for dinner? If so, I recommend that you purchase a pewter spittoon. You won’t be disappointed.

Buy yours today on Ebay: Pewter Spittoon for sale

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