“Warriors with high potential turn down assignments that don’t offer an opportunity for them to learn and grow.”

These are the words from Victory Secrets of Attila the Hun, a 1989 book by Wess Roberts.

His words are apropos…

I recently took a part-time job that I despise. They work me too hard, pay me too little, and their company is lame. But the bills had to get paid. So I took the job, planning to stay there for a short time. Now – one year later – I still have the job. What the hell am I doing? Why am I still working there? I paid the bills I needed to pay.

I realize the answer…

We get hooked on a supplemental paycheck—the extra money every month. We become lazy, complacent or comfortable. We get used to settling. To living a life that’s subpar – to accepting less than 100%.

Roberts gave me a kick in the ass today…it’s time to replace that job.

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