Roger Daltrey is a GREAT MAN. Not only does he have a great voice, but he’s avoided the trappings of the modern musician: i.e. left-wing cuckoldry and beta-male ankle grabbing. Notice how Daltrey supported the Brexit. He understands that he’s part of a great nation, and that the cultural traditions of that nation are paramount. In short, you cannot turn London into Mogadishu and still have “jolly-old England.”

young daltry
Roger Daltrey as a young man. The dude could pull chicks…

Instead, London will continue to have female circumcision, honor killings, and acid attacks. Warning: If you thought British cooking was bad, then you’ll long for the days of a jacket potato and a warm pint of ale.

One can only imagine the threats that Daltrey has received from the soy-boy English crowd, as well and the purple-hair factions of feminism. Good thing that he doesn’t give a f*ck. #StillHepersisted

The takeover of England, expressed in one photo. Sir Richard Burton…where are you?

Today we pay tribute to Roger Daltrey. This noble song (“After the Fire”) was not appreciated when it emerged in 1985. But yet, it was great. A song about the aftermath of a breakup. Two people, going their separate ways. Two ships that crossed in the night but weren’t meant to be.

And yet, he still loves her. For they shared the magic of a human touch. The passion of a moment in time, now dissipated….after the fire, the fire still burns!!!

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6 thoughts on ““After the Fire” by Roger Daltrey

  1. Not sure if it’s true but I was told all the former Who members still standing supported Britex and yeah that’s a good sign they did not lose their working class roots

    1. I saw them in concert recently and my decision to attend was, in part, based on their adversion to left-wing lunacy. As much as I like an artist like, say Bono, the pompous shtick is very old.

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