Divide your resolutions for the new year into categories: i.e work, health, financial, etc. Attack a variety of goals. Move in on multiple positions. Make sure that every section of your life is excellent…don’t settle for anything less.

A man is not happy with a solitary victory – he always wants more. For example, you can become a millionaire; but if your romantic life is a failure, then you won’t be complete. You can have an amazing body; but if you’re financial failure, then you won’t be fulfilled. Just look at Robin Williams. He had more fame than a man could ask for…and yet it wasn’t enough. He committed suicide, leaving a wife and children behind.

So divide your resolutions into categories. And be sure to write them down. Goals that are not codified become dust in the wind…

2018 stands before you. Are you ready to attack?

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5 thoughts on “Divide Your Resolutions into Categories

  1. Good post, sound advice. For what it’s worth, I lived my life and career for 20 years around 5 types of goal.
    1. Career Goals. 2. Financial Goals. 3. Family Goals. 4. Personal Goals (Weight, fitness, style…). 5. Benevolent Goals. Each was broken down into key behaviours and actions, sounds crazy but I even made appointments with my two kids so my work and business wouldn’t interfere!

      1. I ignored that one for many years, but our cancer campaign changed things dramatically as we raised £300,000 for cancer work with young people, then created our own organisation, Nepal Schools Aid in which for 10 years we developed 200 schools in Kathmandu. I’m not so goal oriented now, but my daughter who is a GE globetrotter has followed those 5 incessantly.

  2. Ah, Major. Major, Major, Major. We meet again.

    I require one (1) comment from you to cement our friendship again. This is the final website, the ultimate avatar of me.


    Stick the comment after this, after you read the article (“star entry”) if you please. I understand if you’re too busy but you could win my eternal gratitude with this small gesture. — S.

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