A few years ago, I disconnected myself from “Sportsball.” It was a bit difficult, because I was an athlete growing up – I still felt a connection to the “old days.” Every Sunday, I sat in front of a television set and watched the Pittsburgh Steelers.  They were “my team” (I’m still waiting for a check in the mail, compensating me for my time).

Years later, I realize what a waste of time it was. On some level, it’s equivalent to being a pot head. You create a ritual that – when all is said and done – is counterproductive to being a GREAT MAN.

Being a sports fan is logical when you’re a child, or even an adolescent. At that stage of life, you’re searching for role models. So the 15-year old can admire a professional athlete, dreaming of the man that he might become. It’s a healthy form of visualization.

The young boy can watch sports on TV, dreaming of the man he might become.

But it’s much different when you get older.

Let’s be honest…there’s something wrong with a 50 year-old man that’s rooting for a 16 year-old boy (especially if that boy is not his son). He becomes a man that never grew up: one that’s mired in the quick sand of adolescence. He’s still playing with action figures.

Alpha men should not be addicted to “Sportsball.” They should be starting their own business or courting beautiful women. They should be traveling the world…reading the works of GREAT MEN.  They should be in the gym, doing sit-ups and lifting weights.

They should be dominating the life game.

Disclaimer: A small amount of Sportsball is ok, but ONLY if it relates to periodic pleasure: i.e. the Super Bowl, the World Series.

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