From How to be a Man (1846) by Harvy Newcomb:

Children, likewise, honor or dishonor their parents in their general behavior. If they are rude and uncivil, they reflect dishonor upon their parents; for people say, they have not been trained and instructed at home. But when their behavior is respectful, correct, pure, and amiable, it reflects honor upon the parents. People will judge of the character of your parents by your behavior.

A beautiful point…and one that’s rarely though about.

  • Do I make my parents proud? Is my behavior a source of honor for them?

Most people think differently…because they’re centered on the first person: I, me, my, etc. And maybe that’s ok at times. But it’s good to mix it up a bit…start thinking about the people that put you on this earth – namely your parents.

Let’s just say that her parents fucked up.

Note: We can see the damage that Sigmund Freud has done. He divided the Western parent from his child…created a conflict between the father and his progeny. Perhaps he (more than anyone else) has weakened the character of the modern man.

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