Richard Wagner on the Difference Between Greek and Roman Art

Richard Wagner on the Difference Between Greek and Roman Art

Richard Wagner has a fantastic essay called “Art and Revolution” (1849). The very idea is ahead of its time, for we now understand that modern art (as well as postmodern) were used to undermine the foundations of Western civilization. For the essay however, Wagner writes about the artwork of two great civilizations: Greek and Roman. He champions the Greek approach to art, while ridiculing the Roman expression.

He begins by praising the drama of ancient Greece:

“The deeds of gods and men, their sufferings, their delights…here they became actual and true. For all that in them moved and lived, as it moved and lived in the beholders, here found its perfected expressionsuch was the Grecian people in its highest truth and beauty.”

Well put. The complexity of Grecian drama is readily apparent. While other cultures were throwing mud at one another, the Greeks were performing elaborate plays: music, costumes, and brilliant prose! It’s little wonder that they are held in such high esteem.

The brilliance of the Greek theater is held in high regard…and rightfully so!

He then mocks the debased entertainment of ancient Rome; in particular, the bloodthirsty events of the Colosseum:

“…they opened not to the gods and heroes of the ancient myths, nor to the free dancers and singers of the sacred choirs! No! Wild beasts, lions, panthers and elephants, must tear themselves to pieces in their amphitheatres, to glut the Roman eye; and gladiators, slaves trained up to the due pitch of strength and agility, must satiate the Roman ear with the hoarse gulp of death.”

Good points.

Truth be told, this is not art. 

Wagner is forcing me rethink my opinions on history.  Truth be told, I’ve always had a preference for Roman culture over Greek. I love the stoic philosophies, the sordid plays, and the iconic architecture. Perhaps I’ve been influenced (in a subtle or direct way) by the historical fictions of Hollywood.

r and g
The Major has always had a preference for Roman culture…but Wagner is making me rethink my position.

Wagner makes a valid argument; Greek drama was on a superior level and it should never be compared to a degenerate display of entertainment. Remember that art is a high expression of humanity; the display of a great mind and spirit. We should always revere its power…to hold it in high regard! For art is what separates the Prince from a plebeian and the great civilization from a forgotten one.

Once a culture begins to celebrate degenerate art, it soon becomes degenerate as well.

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A Classic Response On “To the Man Who Will Love Me” (Ode to HullViking75)

A Classic Response On “To the Man Who Will Love Me” (Ode to HullViking75)

A writer named Hullviking75 has a wonderful way with words. One of his greatest tirades can be found  in the “comment” section of a recent article on Thought Catalog: the article is called “To the Man Who Will Love Me”. For those who don’t know, Thought Catalog is a left-wing site that specializes in feminist word salad.

Here’s a little of the original article: Take notes, men…if you wanna date the author, you’ll need to learn the following:

1. Be kind.

My heart is fragile and has been hurt many times before. Know that I am a Cancer which means that I cry, I hide in my shell, and I feel more than anyone else.

2. Be gentle.

Speak to me softly. Push my hair off of my face. Lightly touch my cheek and gently kiss my hand. Be gentle with your actions and gentle with your words. Remember that I am sensitive, which means that my heart is also fragile.

There’s more to the  list: seven items in total. But I’ll spare you the details. In short, the writer (named Elizabeth Ryan) has a list of demands for the prospective suitor!

Here was hullviking75’s response...flipping the script as it were:


When I come home from work, be ready in the boudoir, completely nude, smothered in exotic, sensual oils; moan like Donna Summer to show your appreciation of my lovemaking skills. Women have treated me like dirt, see, so by the law of averages, you will be different.
Dress as a bunny-girl to feed me spoonfuls of exotic fruit; sing softly to me Minnie Riperton’s ‘Loving You’ as you run your fingers through my chest hair, for I was born under the sign of Cancer too and my ego needs stroking every bit as much as yours, probably more so.
See, sometimes, I forget what a great guy I am and it’s your duty to remind me. I really am the best game in town and don’t you forget it, babe. And I look absolutely fucking great! Sit at my feet as you waft me with a palm leaf on hot summer nights and I’ll remind you just how lucky you are to have me.
There are, you see, things in my past that… Ah, you don’t want to know. Sniff… Just gimme a minute to compose myself… I’ll be all right… Really… Hey, I’m sensitive, okay? As a Cancerian too, and a man – meaning anything you can do, I can do better -, I can cry you under the table, and you’ll have to mollify me. You’ll have to make the world go away, get it off of my shoulder, say the things you used to say, and make the world go away. I don’t know if I can ever trust a woman again and that’s your responsibility to ameliorate. I am a Cancerian and therefore as delicate as a porcelain figurine, so you’d better be good to me or I just might end it all and on your head be it. You might think you’re Ophelia, but I’ll see you and raise you one.
I love steak Diane, moules mariniere, wild mushroom veloute, salted caramel cheesecake, all washed down with lashings of Southern Comfort… So be a good girl and get me these things – like, NOW!
I need it. I crave it. Slippers warmed in front of the fire. Make me a hot toddy when I get the man flu. Bankrupt yourself treating me on my birthday. Pick fruits of the forest and bake me pies with a song in your heart. Read to me my favourite D.H. Lawrence novels. Send me a surprise to the office where I work so that my colleagues can witness first hand just how much you think the sun shines out of my arse. Make up a playlist of all the songs that remind me of you, like ‘Under My Thumb’, ‘Peaches’, ‘Whole Lotta Love’ and ‘I Can See for Miles’. Fondle me as I drive. (Bleep) me in the rain and then tuck me up in bed with tea, lemon and honey to ward off the consequences. Climb up to my room with a box of chocolates and a rose between your teeth, because I love dopey gestures too and now that we’re all equal, it’s your turn. Tell me how I fill up your senses, like a night in a forest. Love me as though your whole life depended on it. Take me on a starlight ride through Jupiter and Mars. Swear your undying devotion to me in front of a paying audience so they can all laugh at you.
Be dumb. Be blonde. Be yourself. Be. Just be. But be who I want you to be, which is all you really can be and that’s all that really matters. As long as you serve my every need, that’s all I could ask for. I love you because you’re in my power, but you’re immaterial really; I’m the one that counts. I chose you and you’d better believe it – you cannot get away from me!!!

Now, see how silly you are? Still, I shouldn’t be making mock. Your feelz are all our feelz – we’re all Cancerians now. There’s not a dry eye in the house…

Bwa-ha-ha! Hysterical…LOL.

We have some brilliant people on the internet. We refer to them as shitlords. I give a trophy to HullViking75…wherever he is!

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Is It True That Nobody Cares?

Is It True That Nobody Cares?

The other day I was listening to a crazy woman. She was ranting about some bullshit, really. Her mouth was moving and the bile was flying out. During her tirade, I was completely apathetic (Zero Fucks Given as they say); moreover, my sentiment was shared by the people that surrounded her – nobody else gave a shit either.

I was happy.  Thank God her words were being ignored! She was talking to the sky, basically…and her complaints were falling into an Ocean of Apathy. But then I realized a horrible thing: the same could be said about me.

That when all is said and done, nobody cares about my passion or my life’s work.

Perhaps the Major is more eloquent, more poetic, etc. But at the end of the day…it might be the same result. Nobody cares. The only people that care about me are my family and a few close friends.

The ax swings both ways….for better and for worse.

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Why Does Colombia Produce So Many Serial Killers?

Why Does Colombia Produce So Many Serial Killers?

In December, I was traveling through Pereira, Colombia with my family. While I was there, I learned that Pereira was home to a grisly crime.

In 1998, the remains of 27 children were found in a vacant lot. Upon further inspection, the bodies were similar to others that were being found in Colombia at the time. Eventually, when all the numbers were tallied, around 150 bodies were found: they were all boys between the ages of 9 and 19. A few years later, an arrest was made regarding the case and the world was introduced to the most prolific serial killer of all time – Luis Garavito.

Out of curiosity, I did a little research. Here’s a list of the four worst serial killers of all time, as well as their countries of birth:

  1. Luis Garavito – Colombia
  2. Pedro Lopez – Colombia
  3. Giovanni Brusca – Italy
  4. Damiel Camargo – Colombia

This obvious question…What the hell is going on in Colombia? Why are they producing these killers?

1.) Luis Garavito “La Bestia” (The Beast)

Luis Garavito is the most notorious serial killer in modern history: 147 confirmed murders.

Garavito was a 42 year-old Colombian man of normal appearance.  He would lure young street children away, promising to give them work, candy, etc. Then he would rape, torture and strangle them. Garavito later said that he believed he was “possessed by demons.” He blamed his perverse nature on a physically abusive father.

Garavito is convicted of killing 147 young boys however, it’s believed that he killed a total of 400. The numbers are staggering. By comparison, Ted Bundy was convicted of killing 30 people. So Garavito had 117 more confirmed victims than Ted Bundy.

But it gets worse…meet serial killer #2.

2.) Pedro Lopez (“The Monster of the Andes”)

Pedro Lopez is estimated to have killed 350 young girls…and he is currently a free man!

Lopez was also born in Colombia; in 1983, was convicted of killing at 110 young girls. However, much like Garavito, the suspected numbers are much higher (Lopez is believed to have killed around 350 young girls in Colombia, Ecuador, and Peru). Lopez would abduct girls from the mountain villages of Peru and Ecuador. Then he would sexually assault and strangle them.

Like Garavito, Lopez also had a problematic childhood; in particular, he was repeatedly raped and sodomized as a young man.  What’s more unbelievable about his story is that Lopez is currently out of jail. Colombia has some of the most lenient laws in the world, so Lopez was released from prison in 2002. He served only 14 years for killing over 100 women (roughly four months for every victim).

And finally, we have another monster…

3.) Daniel Camargo Barbosa

Daniel Camargo is the third (first?) in a line of diabolical serial killers from Colombia.

Camargo is estimated to have raped and killed around 150 young girls in Colombia and Ecuador during the 1970s and 1980s. It was in Ecuador that Camargo committed the majority of his murders. Camargo would ask young women for help, pretending that he was a man in need of directions. They would walk together to a rural area where Camargo would subdue, rape, and kill them.

Like Garavito and Lopez, Camargo blamed his behavior on his turbulent upbringing. He was raised by an abusive stepmother that would dress him up in women’s clothing. Thankfully, Camargo was not only caught, but murdered in prison. So justice was properly administered in at least one of these cases.


So why does Colombia have so many serial killers? The answer is complex…I’m not really sure. Was it their upbringing? Perhaps. But then again, many people that suffer abuse (both emotional and sexual) grow up to be law-abiding citizens. Was it their environment? Perhaps. But then again, many people in Colombia are normal and well adjusted.

Only one thing is obvious…Colombia needs a death penalty! All three of these men should be dead. No, not just dead…tortured and chopped up into little pieces. It’s what they deserve. The pain and anguish they have caused the victims, not to mention their families, can scarcely be imagined. I’m afraid that the leniency of Colombian law has backfired on its people.

To quote Nietzsche: “A small revenge is more human than no revenge at all.”

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The LA Rams Will Have Male Cheerleaders on the Sideline…a First in NFL History!

The LA Rams Will Have Male Cheerleaders on the Sideline…a First in NFL History!

Word has come down that the LA Rams will be the first team in NFL history to have male cheerleaders.

The Los Angeles Rams announced Wednesday that two men – Quinton Peron and Napolean Jinnies – have joined their previously all-female cheerleading squad. While the Baltimore Ravens and Indianapolis Colts both employ male stuntmen, Peron and Jinnies will make history as the first male dancers for an NFL team.

Part of me says, “So what?” To each his own. Live and let live. Be a proud libertarian! And truth be told…I really don’t care.

Then again, I must acknowledge that culture is formed (and deformed) via the subterfuge of a natural order. Man is masculine. Woman is feminine. The family is the formation of society. Gay sex cannot produce a child, etc. These are the fundamental building blocks of society. To go against them is to subvert a natural order.

I’m afraid that we’ll have to choose a side in this gender “war.” It’s being forced down our throats and is now impossible to ignore. It’s black or white, up or down. Male or female.

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Men Cannot Be of Equal Service

Men Cannot Be of Equal Service

Henry Ford dispels some red-pill wisdom is his autobiography, My Life and Work:

Most certainly all men are not equal, and any democratic conception which strives to make men equal is only an effort to block progress. Men cannot be of equal service.

Equalism is a lie…a feel-good philosophy for the weak. It’s a method of undercutting the strong, taking their knees out from under them. The bullets of the weak are laced in guilt  trips and the perverse application of “democracy.”

The men of larger ability are less numerous than the men of smaller ability; it is possible for a mass of the smaller men to pull the larger ones down—but in so doing they pull themselves down.

The GREAT MAN is not a common man. You won’t find him swilling beer at Larry’s Liquor Lounge, bragging about his NCAA bracket picks. You won’t find him wearing a pussy hat in the Women’s March. He’s been ridiculed by the “men of smaller ability”…smeared by the poison of calumny.

It is the larger men who give the leadership to the community and enable the smaller men to live with less effort.

So true. The men of larger ability are doers…they’re builders. They are John Galt. Marty Cooper. Henry Ford. They create the foundations of mankind. They give structure to the ambiguous. They enable the smaller man to brag about his material objects.

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Today You Reach for Glory

Today You Reach for Glory

Today you reach for glory….

Because God created you…a child of HIS image. Will you let HIM down, or will you push to honor the gifts you’re given?

Because you’re given TODAY. So many could not come with you…so many friends and family members. You owe it to them to reach for the rainbow, to look within your soul for a spark of inspiration

Because you refuse the mediocre…you reject the Valley of Despair. You ignore the Voices of Defeat. ‘

You have a destiny with all that is wonderful…if only you believe it to be so!

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