Pulp Fiction Proves That it’s Impossible to Separate an Artwork From its Sponser

Pulp Fiction Proves That it’s Impossible to Separate an Artwork From its Sponser

Pulp Fiction will celebrate its 25-year anniversary next year (it was released in 1994). When it came out, everybody applauded the picture as a work of art. The critics told us that they were lucky to witness the movie, fortunate to be alive in that time and place.

However, the Major quickly identified a demonic force at work in Pulp Fiction. I subconsciously knew that a Satanic person was behind the picture, and that his goal was the spiritual destruction of America. As it turns out, I was right!

Let me illustrate with pictures:

1.) Harvey Weinstein produced (sponsored) Pulp Fiction.


2.) He “green-lighted” this disturbing scene: sexual torture and kidnapping.


3.) And he gave a thumb’s-up for this scene as well: mixing violence with humor.

famous scene

Of course, he got a fellow sadist to do the heavy lifting: i.e. Quentin Tarantino. Let’s be honest: perhaps the only person that’s more tortured than Harvey Weinstein is Quentin Tarantino. Everything from that traitor is about violence, torture and sadism. And he mixes in some clever dialog to fool the lemmings in the crowd. Meanwhile, the seditious “critic” applauds the effort, silently grinning as our cultural traditions are flushed into the toilets of degeneracy.

Has the Weinstein/Tarantino connection ever made something that inspires humanity? Can they capture the passionate wellspring of spiritual love, or of childlike innocence? They know nothing about that! Everything they make is saturated with a degenarate vision of humanity…a vision that must inevitably spring from the consciousness of its creator.

What kind of men would find humor in torturing the innocent? What kind of degenerates find it acceptable to feed these images into the minds of a nation?

Summary: It’s impossible to separate a piece of art from the artist. When the mind of an individual is layered in filth, then that’s what he’ll produce. When his subconscious goal is cultural subterfuge, then that’s what his art will portray.

Only a noble mind can create a noble art! And only a lofty soul can make an artwork that speaks to humanity.

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What Milo Yiannopolous Has to Say About Male Circumcision

What Milo Yiannopolous Has to Say About Male Circumcision

There was a recent debate on the Joe Rogan show. The topic of male circumcision came up and Milo Yiannopolous was critical of the foreskin. The reason? He prefers to fellate a circumcised penis.

I’m in favor of it purely on aesthetic grounds. I have to have these things in my mouth, Ok?

Good to know, Milo. I’ll make sure to cut my genitals with a knife in order to accommodate your fellatio preferences. You sick fuck.

Milo is a gay conservative Jew (yes, it’s true). And like many “modern” Jews, he refuses to eschew the practice of dick pruning. It’s like a monkey, clinging tightly to one’s back. Now it’s clear why Milo could never carry the torch of American conservatism in the post-Trump era (despite all of the attempts of Breitbart to hoist him into that position). His lifestyle is in direct opposition to that of traditional America.

So much has been said (and not said) on the topic of circumcision. The Major will defer to the opinion of Italian sociologist Paolo Mantegazzna. His direct statement in The Sexual Relations of Mankind (1935) summarizes my feelings to a tee:

I shout and shall continue to shout at the Hebrews, until my last breath: Cease mutilating yourself; cease imprinting upon your flesh an odious brand to distinguish yourself from other men (p. 99).

Here’s a bit of science for the disbelievers: The foreskin is homologous to the clitoral hood. Not analogous (similar to) but homologous (identical in structure). That’s a critical distinction. Therefore, male circumcision is equivalent to FGM in that they both remove the “clit” : a body part whose sole function is to give sexual pleasure. Or, to put it more plainly, circumcision is a procedure that’s designed to humiliate, denigrate and – ultimately – destroy the passion of an individual.

My son is sleeping sound at the moment. I refused to let some rapist in a white coat have at his genitals with a knife. Sorry, Milo…go look for a blowjob elsewhere!

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Why Does Colombia Produce So Many Serial Killers?

Why Does Colombia Produce So Many Serial Killers?

In December, I was traveling through Pereira, Colombia with my family. While I was there, I learned that Pereira was home to a grisly crime.

In 1998, the remains of 27 children were found in a vacant lot. Upon further inspection, the bodies were similar to others that were being found in Colombia at the time. Eventually, when all the numbers were tallied, around 150 bodies were found: they were all boys between the ages of 9 and 19. A few years later, an arrest was made regarding the case and the world was introduced to the most prolific serial killer of all time – Luis Garavito.

Out of curiosity, I did a little research. Here’s a list of the four worst serial killers of all time, as well as their countries of birth:

  1. Luis Garavito – Colombia
  2. Pedro Lopez – Colombia
  3. Giovanni Brusca – Italy
  4. Damiel Camargo – Colombia

This obvious question…What the hell is going on in Colombia? Why are they producing these killers?

1.) Luis Garavito “La Bestia” (The Beast)

Luis Garavito is the most notorious serial killer in modern history: 147 confirmed murders.

Garavito was a 42 year-old Colombian man of normal appearance.  He would lure young street children away, promising to give them work, candy, etc. Then he would rape, torture and strangle them. Garavito later said that he believed he was “possessed by demons.” He blamed his perverse nature on a physically abusive father.

Garavito is convicted of killing 147 young boys however, it’s believed that he killed a total of 400. The numbers are staggering. By comparison, Ted Bundy was convicted of killing 30 people. So Garavito had 117 more confirmed victims than Ted Bundy.

But it gets worse…meet serial killer #2.

2.) Pedro Lopez (“The Monster of the Andes”)

Pedro Lopez is estimated to have killed 350 young girls…and he is currently a free man!

Lopez was also born in Colombia; in 1983, was convicted of killing at 110 young girls. However, much like Garavito, the suspected numbers are much higher (Lopez is believed to have killed around 350 young girls in Colombia, Ecuador, and Peru). Lopez would abduct girls from the mountain villages of Peru and Ecuador. Then he would sexually assault and strangle them.

Like Garavito, Lopez also had a problematic childhood; in particular, he was repeatedly raped and sodomized as a young man.  What’s more unbelievable about his story is that Lopez is currently out of jail. Colombia has some of the most lenient laws in the world, so Lopez was released from prison in 2002. He served only 14 years for killing over 100 women (roughly four months for every victim).

And finally, we have another monster…

3.) Daniel Camargo Barbosa

Daniel Camargo is the third (first?) in a line of diabolical serial killers from Colombia.

Camargo is estimated to have raped and killed around 150 young girls in Colombia and Ecuador during the 1970s and 1980s. It was in Ecuador that Camargo committed the majority of his murders. Camargo would ask young women for help, pretending that he was a man in need of directions. They would walk together to a rural area where Camargo would subdue, rape, and kill them.

Like Garavito and Lopez, Camargo blamed his behavior on his turbulent upbringing. He was raised by an abusive stepmother that would dress him up in women’s clothing. Thankfully, Camargo was not only caught, but murdered in prison. So justice was properly administered in at least one of these cases.


So why does Colombia have so many serial killers? The answer is complex…I’m not really sure. Was it their upbringing? Perhaps. But then again, many people that suffer abuse (both emotional and sexual) grow up to be law-abiding citizens. Was it their environment? Perhaps. But then again, many people in Colombia are normal and well adjusted.

Only one thing is obvious…Colombia needs a death penalty! All three of these men should be dead. No, not just dead…tortured and chopped up into little pieces. It’s what they deserve. The pain and anguish they have caused the victims, not to mention their families, can scarcely be imagined. I’m afraid that the leniency of Colombian law has backfired on its people.

To quote Nietzsche: “A small revenge is more human than no revenge at all.”

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The LA Rams Will Have Male Cheerleaders on the Sideline…a First in NFL History!

The LA Rams Will Have Male Cheerleaders on the Sideline…a First in NFL History!

Word has come down that the LA Rams will be the first team in NFL history to have male cheerleaders.

The Los Angeles Rams announced Wednesday that two men – Quinton Peron and Napolean Jinnies – have joined their previously all-female cheerleading squad. While the Baltimore Ravens and Indianapolis Colts both employ male stuntmen, Peron and Jinnies will make history as the first male dancers for an NFL team.

Part of me says, “So what?” To each his own. Live and let live. Be a proud libertarian! And truth be told…I really don’t care.

Then again, I must acknowledge that culture is formed (and deformed) via the subterfuge of a natural order. Man is masculine. Woman is feminine. The family is the formation of society. Gay sex cannot produce a child, etc. These are the fundamental building blocks of society. To go against them is to subvert a natural order.

I’m afraid that we’ll have to choose a side in this gender “war.” It’s being forced down our throats and is now impossible to ignore. It’s black or white, up or down. Male or female.

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“How Much Do You Bench?” is a Good Question

“How Much Do You Bench?” is a Good Question

Years ago, Saturday Night Live had a sketch called “How Much Do You Bench?” It featured a group of muscular men, taking phone calls from the public. The host would ask every caller the same thing: “How much do you bench?”

Here’s a clip:

The point of the skit was obvious – a man that cares too much about his body is a clown. A doofus. All body, no brains.

However, the show misses the mark for one reason:

The GREAT MAN values his body; therefore, he rejects any ridicule in this regard.

Today’s “entertainment” is method of subterfuge.  See how a GREAT MAN is undermined with satire. How his personal pride is demeaned by the media. Remember that we’re in a culture war: the weak are attacking the strong. Given this reality, we must to defend ourselves from media jackals; in the case of SNL, it’s the seditious Lorne Michaels (aka, David Lipowitz).

The question is simple, my reader….do you wanna’ look like this?


Or like this…

Woody Allen

A man’s physical strength is a sign of hard work. Personal pride. Dedication to a goal. To quote Nietzsche: “Excess of strength alone is proof of strength”

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Movie Review: Colao

Movie Review:  Colao

Colao is a Dominican movie, similar to The Last American Virgin. It’s about a coffee grower, single and turning 40, that decides to search for the one thing he is missing in life: love. It was written by Jose Alama and Jose Pastor and released in November of 2017.

Here is a small trailer of the film.

Overall, Colao is a funny and warm-hearted movie. However, the film presents a dangerous lie – the idea that a poor man and a rich woman can fall in love. Therefore, men should be cautious when watching this film: i.e. enjoy the film, but disregard the theme(s).


We see the main character, a poor coffee grower named Antonio, leaving his home in the Dominican countryside. He heads to the capital city of Santo Domingo. There, we see the comedic tropes that have been used in countless films: i.e. the country bumpkin, stumbling through the modern world. And of course, it works again. Many laughs come from the protagonist trying to negotiate in a cosmopolitan city.

Eventually, Antonio falls is love. However, the woman (named Amarilis) happens to be part of the upper-class elite: a well-to-do lawyer that’s attractive and single (played by the talented Shailyn Sosa). Despite their socio-economic differences, the two hit it off. They fall in love and begin a whirlwind romance.

However, the conflict emerges in classic Aristotelian fashion.  Antonio is caught in a lie, putting their relationship in doubt. Eventually, the situation is rectified. The couple are reunited, their past troubles behind them, and they live “happily ever after.”

manny and amarilis
The poor farmer “gets” the rich socialite in the movie Colao.


The film presents a dangerous lie – the idea that a poor man and a rich woman can fall in love. Newsflash: Women are biologically incapable of loving a man that’s below them in social status (see the definition of hypergamy). For example, the secretary is usually sleeping with her boss and not the custodian of the building. The male teacher is dating a former female student…and on and on. I can list a thousand more examples in this regard. This fact is painfully obvious to anyone with a working pair of eyes.

The film Colao ignores the harsh reality of hypergamy.

*Note: Sometimes, in rare cases, a poor man and rich woman are together. However, there are usually extenuating circumstances attached to this coupling: i.e. he has an exceptionally large penis, she has baby rabies, etc. But these cases are the minority. And many times, these relationships end when the goal has been fulfilled.


Men should be cautious about the message of this film. Life is not a fantasy world, where unicorns fly out of a cotton-candy factory. Life is a battle of blood and guts, fought in Thunderdome cage. Therefore, men should continually seek to improve their sexual market value: i.e. get a college degree, start a business, gain wealth, etc. Only then will they be able to expand their pool of female prospects.

I recommend Colao as a piece of mindless entertainment. It has a few good laughs and gives you a nice, warm feeling. However, in terms of realism, it misses the mark.

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My Prediction About an NBA Decline Has Come True

My Prediction About an NBA Decline Has Come True

In August of 2016, I went to a basketball game in Los Angeles. After the event, I made a prediction that the NBA would experience a ratings decline. I saw that they were doubling down on the SJW agenda, giving the average American fan a middle finger. You can read more in the archived post: The NBA is in Trouble

Well…I was right!

On September 17th, 2017, ESPN released an article on the NBA ratings. And, just as I predicted a year earlier, there was sharp decline. Or to put it plainly…they’re getting crushed financially. You’ll find the article here:

A confidential report shows nearly half the NBA lost money last season. Now what?

Here is a relevant quote from the article:

“Despite a flood of new national television cash, 14 of the NBA’s 30 teams lost money last season before collecting revenue-sharing payouts, and nine finished in the red even after accounting for those payments, according to confidential NBA financial records obtained by ESPN.com.”

The average fan was kept in the dark on these losses – thus, the “confidential” report, right? We heard about Lebron supporting Hillary, Westbrook chasing his ring, etc. But we never learned that the NBA was going into the tank financially.

A full 1/3 of them were in the red and 1/2 lost money.

Of course, the entire season occurred during Trump ascendancy to the White House (and the subsequent indignation of the players). Since then, the NBA players have doubled down on the SJW madness. Lebron with his Twitter hysterics, Steph Curry getting denied access to the Whote House, etc. We can expect one thing for the upcoming season: more sulking by multi-millionaires who watched Django Unchained too many times.

I’m betting on the same for the NFL. Apparently, their viewership was down anywhere from 10-20% last year. And, just like the NBA, they are choosing to double down rather than recede. We’ll have to wait and see when the final numbers are, but the early indications are showing a drop in revenue.

Remember…just like Tony Montana, the SJWs kill everything they touch.

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