Men Cannot Be of Equal Service

Men Cannot Be of Equal Service

Henry Ford dispels some red-pill wisdom is his autobiography, My Life and Work:

Most certainly all men are not equal, and any democratic conception which strives to make men equal is only an effort to block progress. Men cannot be of equal service.

Equalism is a lie…a feel-good philosophy for the weak. It’s a method of undercutting the strong, taking their knees out from under them. The bullets of the weak are laced in guilt  trips and the perverse application of “democracy.”

The men of larger ability are less numerous than the men of smaller ability; it is possible for a mass of the smaller men to pull the larger ones down—but in so doing they pull themselves down.

The GREAT MAN is not a common man. You won’t find him swilling beer at Larry’s Liquor Lounge, bragging about his NCAA bracket picks. You won’t find him wearing a pussy hat in the Women’s March. He’s been ridiculed by the “men of smaller ability”…smeared by the poison of calumny.

It is the larger men who give the leadership to the community and enable the smaller men to live with less effort.

So true. The men of larger ability are doers…they’re builders. They are John Galt. Marty Cooper. Henry Ford. They create the foundations of mankind. They give structure to the ambiguous. They enable the smaller man to brag about his material objects.

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