Was Princess Leia a Role Model for Women?

Was Princess Leia a Role Model for Women?

Carrie Fisher passed away recently (RIP). Media outlets around the world praised her as a role model for women and a feminist icon. In particular, they highlighted her groundbreaking role in the Star Wars movies.

Was she a role model for women? YES, YES and YES!!!

In a related story…

  • Chewbacca was a role model for hairy, inarticulate men
  • R2D2 was a role model for midgets with limited mobility
  • C3Po was a role model for yellow people around the world
  • Jabba the Hut was a role model for people battling obesity

You get the picture. Feminists – and many women for that matter – have an unhealthy relationship with entertainment. They believe that something is “true” because it occurs in Avatar. They will find their Mr. Big because Carrie Bradshaw did. They can beat up twenty men at one time, because Angelina Jolie did.  Etc., etc.

It’s an embarrassment and it places them on the level of children, unable to discern between fact and fiction.

They need make-believe worlds, because they’re such cosmic failures in this one.