Is Max Joseph the Biggest Cuck in America?

Is Max Joseph the Biggest Cuck in America?

A few days ago, I saw the show Catfish at the gymnasium. I would never watch the show at home. However, in the public arena of a gym, I see things that I would otherwise ignore.

Catfish is a show on MTV. It’s about people that create fake online profiles, and it stars Nev Shulman and Max Joseph: two Jews from New York that look like they’ve been free-basing Estrogen for twenty years.

Wanna’ see the face of a man that goes to a Women’s March? Look no further…

They have no toxic masculinity…

To the red-pill observer, they’re your typical beta males. However, a closer look will reveal that Max Joseph is, perhaps, the biggest cuck we’ve seen in the last five decades.

I saw the following in the first four scenes:

  • In the first scene, Max is seated at a table next to a rainbow flag.
  • In the second scene, Max has a “Black Lives Matter” shirt.
  • In the third scene, Max is wearing a shirt that says “Feminist
  • In the fourth scene, Max is wearing a shirt that says “I Stand With Immigration

This is what an SJW universe looks like. You have no humor. You have no sophistication or beauty. All you have is protest.

MTV used to be about music…now it’s like everything else on TV: cannibalized by the SJW narrative.

It reminds of the Anita Sarkessian video, which recently made the rounds: “Everything is sexism, everything is racist, everything is homophobic.” Thankfully, somebody made a funny video to spoof her nonsense:

In summary, MTV is over. Just like every other great creation (i.e Disney, Star Wars) it’s been cannibalized by the counter culture. Now it’s like another dead animal on the Serengeti: the “Year Zero” vultures are finishing off its remains.

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Why You Gotta Be So Rude? I’m Gonna’ Marry Her Anyway

Why You Gotta Be So Rude? I’m Gonna’ Marry Her Anyway

I overheard a song the other day. I’m sure many of you know the tune, since radio has a way of bombarding the listener into submission. At any rate, the song is called “Rude” and it’s by a group called Magic! Here was the “hook” from their hit song:

Why you gotta be so rude?
Don’t you know I’m human too?
Why you gotta be so rude?
I’m gonna marry her anyway

Marry that girl
Marry her anyway
Marry that girl

These are dark times in the romantic world – as exhibited by popularity of the song. The singer is a man (with presumably descended testes) that is being disrespected by a woman. What would a GREAT MAN do? Very simple…tell the girl to fuck off!

But no…not the singer of the song. Instead, he’s gonna “marry her anyway.”

marry her
“He’s gonna marry her anyway”

Sometimes, Major Styles needs to pinch himself. It like I’m living in a horror movie, watching as Michael Myers is strangling the innocent populous to death. But no, it’s not a sick dream…it’s real! It’s a modern, post-feminist America: a place where misandry and cuckoldry are the tag-team champions of the WWE.

Remember: the happily married couple is the enemy of the Western world. For they represent the seed of civilization. Via their union, the tree of life (i.e. children) will take root and form. Parents are the bedrock of a civilization…the nucleus of a healthy society. So the happily married couple is the enemy of all those who are jealous and bitter. Rather than applaud the couple, they seek to seditiously undermine the courtship. And they use an unconventional weapon to plot their destruction – music.

kkids dancing
Kids enjoying the beat, repeating lyrics that are meant to turn them into feminazis and cuckolded men.

Once America is humming along – unaware of the subliminal implications of the lyrics – then they are falling right into the hands of Satan.

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My Prediction About an NBA Decline Has Come True

My Prediction About an NBA Decline Has Come True

In August of 2016, I went to a basketball game in Los Angeles. After the event, I made a prediction that the NBA would experience a ratings decline. I saw that they were doubling down on the SJW agenda, giving the average American fan a middle finger. You can read more in the archived post: The NBA is in Trouble

Well…I was right!

On September 17th, 2017, ESPN released an article on the NBA ratings. And, just as I predicted a year earlier, there was sharp decline. Or to put it plainly…they’re getting crushed financially. You’ll find the article here:

A confidential report shows nearly half the NBA lost money last season. Now what?

Here is a relevant quote from the article:

“Despite a flood of new national television cash, 14 of the NBA’s 30 teams lost money last season before collecting revenue-sharing payouts, and nine finished in the red even after accounting for those payments, according to confidential NBA financial records obtained by”

The average fan was kept in the dark on these losses – thus, the “confidential” report, right? We heard about Lebron supporting Hillary, Westbrook chasing his ring, etc. But we never learned that the NBA was going into the tank financially.

A full 1/3 of them were in the red and 1/2 lost money.

Of course, the entire season occurred during Trump ascendancy to the White House (and the subsequent indignation of the players). Since then, the NBA players have doubled down on the SJW madness. Lebron with his Twitter hysterics, Steph Curry getting denied access to the Whote House, etc. We can expect one thing for the upcoming season: more sulking by multi-millionaires who watched Django Unchained too many times.

I’m betting on the same for the NFL. Apparently, their viewership was down anywhere from 10-20% last year. And, just like the NBA, they are choosing to double down rather than recede. We’ll have to wait and see when the final numbers are, but the early indications are showing a drop in revenue.

Remember…just like Tony Montana, the SJWs kill everything they touch.

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The Downfall of ESPN in One Photo

The Downfall of ESPN in One Photo

ESPN just announced major cutbacks:

ESPN will cut more than 100 employees today, Yahoo Finance has learned. That number is much bigger than the 40-50 that was initially reported. ESPN aims to notify all of the people today, if it can do so.

These cuts are an ongoing issue.

ESPN’s subscriber numbers have dropped steadily, weighing on parent company Disney, forcing a new round of cost-cutting. When Disney demands cuts, ESPN can make those cuts however it chooses.

ESPN had major layoffs in 2015, as it did two years before that, in 2013. Both times, it cut around 300 people. This time around, the network reportedly sought to cut tens of millions of dollars, and decided that ridding itself of big expensive contracts was the way to do it.

Of course, in typical SJW fashion, ESPN is unsure about what is causing their viewers to flee. So to help the network, I’ve placed a photo below, taken from their website.

Memo to ESPN: More sports, and less of the following: