On the Cheapness of Hashtag Empathy

On the Cheapness of Hashtag Empathy

#PrayforParis, #VegasStrong, #PrayforLondon

We’ve seen a lot of these hashtags. Somebody is sitting at the computer, feeling sad about a recent tragedy. So they post a trending hashtag on Facebook, Twitter, etc. It only takes a minute! Afterwards, they bounce to the local club for a Cosmopolitan (just like that zany Carry Bradshaw used to drink).

But there’s another layer of tragedy…a descent into the bowels of human suffering.

Are you willing to visit the parents of a dead child? Are you willing to console a man that’s lost his wife, or a woman that’s lost her husband? What about a little girl that’s lost her father? 

Most people don’t have that kind of courage (To be honest, I’m not sure I do). They stay away from the Storm of Devastation. They take a left turn at Desolation Row. They check out of Heartbreak Hotel and head over to Paradise City.

In short, hashtag empathy is cheap…a surrogate type of concern.

*Note: The dedicated liberal is always bitching about racism. And yet, when it comes time for a hashtag, he/she can only acknowledge the tragedy in a “white” nation (France, England, etc). Think about it…have you ever seen #PrayforBurkinaFaso or #PrayforNigeria? You have not…even though both countries have been hit by terrorism.

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